Monday, April 11, 2011

Imagine Conference Part 3

Here are some more notes from Matt Keller at the Imagine Conference.

Five Big ideas for church growth:

  1. Vision is like a sunset. Everyone has an idea of what a sunset looks like, but we all have different ideas. The primary role of the leader is to define the sunset for our group.
  2. The health of the church is directly related to the people in the church. Growth comes form a culture of health in every level of the church. 
  3. The leader adds the most value to the organization when using his strengths. (Strengths are not what you are good at-- they are what makes you feel strong.)
  4. Every department or church is most likely two hard conversations away form the next level. The strength of the organization is directly proportional to the amount of pain you are willing to endure. As the organization grows what was acceptable before is no longer acceptable. The bar must be raised and people must be held accountable to clearing the bar. 
  5. Don't fear conflict. Embrace it and it will make you better. 

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